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Discovery and Learning

The Cambridge program at Nairobi Jaffery Academy places an emphasis on every aspect of student growth and development, while meeting state requirements. Suitable class sizes and exceptional, qualified teachers allow us to offer a comfortable and inclusive educational environment, while ensuring each student receives the individualized attention and support they need.


Early Years Program

NJA prides itself on empowering even the youngest of minds. Our early years program geared at children as young as 2 years old prepares them by unlocking their creative potential.

Academics: Academics

Primary School Years

The Cambridge framework provides curricula for the key subjects of English (or English as an Additional Language), Mathematics and Science. Other subjects are based upon the English National Curriculum. They include Art, Geography, History, ICT (Computers), Physical Education, and Personal and Social Education. Swahili and Arabic as a second language is taught from Year 1.


The Cambridge programmes provide statements of content, knowledge, skills and understanding, and attainment target levels for all the subjects we teach. There is a huge range of resources available to assist teachers and the school purchases widely but particularly from the UK.


However, academic subjects are only half of the story. Where we believe we excel is in putting the child and his or her needs and situation first. So not only do we recognise that each child is individual, but also that every day is different and each provides another opportunity for success and happiness.

Academics: Academics

Secondary School Years

The lower secondary years are characterised by an increasingly focused approach with specialist teachers for all subjects. This ensures that not only are students developing their knowledge and skills but that they are also prepared for the rigours of the examination courses which begin with the Cambridge IGCSE from Year 10.

The final two years of schooling are dedicated to the Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced Level examination courses.

Recognised around the world for university entrance they offer students the flexibility of a completely free choice of subjects. So a student could specialise in the sciences, the arts or languages, or take a broad range of subjects from across different disciplines.

As well as these high-level examination courses, NJA is also able to support students with different aspirations such as a focus upon developing English language skills whilst obtaining a school leaving certificate.

We recognise that a dedication to academic courses is not the right fit for all, so we are flexible in our offering and support individual learning needs.

Academics: Academics
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